Adoption Story: Blind Pit Bull Finds Love

Argo, blind Pit Bull

Argo, a blind Pit Bull, went from a shelter kennel, where he was overlooked for months, to a loving home. He has two sisters in his new home — one canine and one human!

It starts as a sad story, but there is a happy ending.  My husband and I were trying to have another baby, but we were unsuccessful.  I was heart broken and really struggling to deal with the news.  My poor sweet husband couldn’t take it and tried everything in his power to convince me that we would be okay with just one child.  He finally told me that he would do or give me whatever I wanted if I thought it would make me feel better. Wherever I wanted to go, whatever I wanted to do, just name it and he would make it happen.  I gave it some thought and decided that what I really wanted was another “baby” and that another Pit Bull would be the perfect addition to our home.

I hadn’t heard of Chako Pit Bull Rescue, but a few friends followed their page on Facebook.  One day I saw a photo of Argo and then a video.  For months I would see pictures of Argo and was blown away that no one had adopted him.  His sweet face–and THOSE EARS, I just fell in love with him! I waited another month or so and when he was still available I knew I had to meet him.  His blindness, believe it or not was actually a positive for us.  Our female, Lola has had two TPLO surgeries and really can’t play very rough.  I thought a blind dog would be perfect and not very demanding of Lola’s disability.  We held our breath at the meet and greet because Lola is not particularly fond of many dogs.  But it was even love at first sight for Lola who was play bowing at Argo within minutes (even though he couldn’t see it!).  I knew it was meant to be.  From that very first day I knew he was the right fit for our family.  He has always been exactly what I needed when I set out to find another dog.  He has always been my “baby” and a momma’s boy through and through.  I sincerely cannot imagine our life without him in it.

When I heard his back story it made me angry and then really grateful for the volunteers of Chako.  Argo was found abandoned in a foreclosed home. Blind, alone, terrified and very skinny.  He struggled in the shelter after his kennel mate was adopted.  It was at that time that Chako stepped in and pulled him.  He got so much love with his foster family and they truly saved him.  I had such a wonderful experience working with Eric, the adoption coordinator, and his foster mom Mary during the adoption process.  They actually became our friends, and anytime I was having an issue with Argo,  Eric, Carol (another adoption coordinator), and Mary have always been there to guide me and offer advice and support.

I found this wonderful community AND a new family member.  He is an amazing and loving dog in spite of his horrific beginnings.  It was this realization along with the wonderful people we worked with at Chako that made me want to volunteer with the organization to help other dogs like Argo.  Honestly I never thought I would adopt a blind-abandoned-rescued Pit Bull, but our life is so much better because of it.  I know it’s cheesy, but given what I had been  through he really did save me.

Argo with his best friend, a little girl

Argo, a blind Pit Bull, went from an unwanted shelter dog to a little girl’s best friend.